Friday, January 13, 2012

How to get a mobile phone developer job - Part 4 #learnmobile

I was asked to write up my recommendations for learning mobile. All four parts are listed at the end.  Please leave comments of other favorite blogs or online magazines.

There are several recommended online magazines. When you read a good article, remember to use twitter and post to your blog. In no particular order: - especially appropriate is the coding tab. Also articles tagged with css. Like several other magazines, they are now publishing ebooks, but they will cost a few dollars. - there are so many articles enjoy exploring. CSS articles are a strength. Also ebooks. - good source of tutorials both for free and for a fee. They also sell books. - generally for the advanced javascript user, but enough articles on learning that you should not ignore. - good tutorials about the latest features you can get in a browser. If nothing else, it should give you inspiration for your own apps.
Are you overwhelmed? Everyone is. You don't have to read all of the articles. Find the ones the interest you and written in a style you like. Take your time. And you don't need to know everything. Just do something everyday.

The important thing is to create and contribute. It is easy to gain experience at no cost, have some fun and join the world of mobile developers.

Comments welcomed.

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