Sunday, November 30, 2003

TropiRock Resort, Fort Lauderdale

My brother just got married at the TropiRock Resort just a very short walk to the wonderful beach. And the hosts were great to our all of the wedding guest that stayed. Our kitchen was small, but fine. Combining several kitchens, we got a Thanksgiving dinner cooked for 32 people. The kids loved the pool, as did I, after being thrown in.

Florida in the Cold

Florida is suppose to be warm, right? Flying down, you get off the plane and your jacket feels way too warm. They can tell you're a Northerner.

But on Saturday, before my brother's wedding, it turned cold. 55. And I'm in Fort Lauderdale. Then I remembered many years ago, 1960s, coming down to visit my Grandma for a week. It was often cold then too. Or I would get a cold, or worse the flu. Several times I was in bed for several days.

So I should have known, but that is how memory works. Cold brought back memories of cold. But just thinking about Florida did not. Got to remember this. Another ABCEDmindedness example.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

About the Bears

(Tad, Sam and Uncle RE wrote this story.)
Sixty five bears went to enjoy Thanksgiving together. To celebrate they made a Bear's team. They played against the Dolphins in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The game was in 1932. The Bears won this game against the Dolphins by a score of 22-2. This was their first game.

After the game the Bears team got champaigne bottles and sprayed them at their players. They did the same thing as the Cubbies did. And ate cinammon rolls. Everyone was screaming "The Bears Won."

What a happy Thanksgiving for everyone! and the Bears. The End.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Wired Tired

This list was created when we lauched a new web site using HEMS instead of Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is great for creating pages and small sites, but not a site with 10,000 pages and 200 plus templates.
        TIRED                      WIRED 
10. 201 templates               8 skins 
 9. Blue sky                    NEA & the American Flag 
 8. Message boards              Research 
 7. Tom Haller                  10:00 am stand up 
 6. Working Weekends            Easy-To-Maintain 
 5. FTP accounts                Page editors 
 4. /publications/neatoday      /neatoday 
 3. Dreamweaver sites           HEMS 
 1. NEA Cafe                    Galileo