Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to get a mobile phone developer job - Part 2 #learnmobile

I was asked to write up my recommendations for learning mobile. Part One is here. In this part I give you some ideas for simple mobile apps. Please leave ideas for other simple apps in comments.

Every week publish a mobile app. This is not impossible especially using jQueryMobile and tutorials. It does not have to be 100% unique. Pick a tutorial. Do the step-by-step coding. Then modify if you want. Push it to github and put it in your public dropbox account. Blog about it. Tweet about it. In no time you'll have a portfolio of apps to link to in your resume.

Besides doing the tutorials, here are some simple mobile apps you can do without any JavaScript coding. Basically any list can become a mobile app.
  1. Your mobile resume. Rewrite your resume into jQueryMobile.
  2. Learnmobile. Rewrite this post into a mobile app.
  3. Your mobile apps. Link to all of your mobile apps in dropbox. Update weekly.
  4. Favorite recipes. Make a list of food you make often with pictures or videos.
  5. Best articles. Instead of just bookmarking resources you like create a mobile app.
Once you have a little JavaScript under your belt you there are more options.
  1. dynamic list - store data in Json, read Json and create list. Convert you mobile apps dynamic.
  2. add to list - create a list that can be added to and stored in local storage.
  3. todo - perhaps the most common app people try. Keep it simple.
  4. rate it - provide a list of items to be rated and resort list after each rating
  5. #learnmobile tweets - use the tweeter search api to get the latest tweets with the hashtag.
Your next steps are in Part 3.

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