Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to get a mobile phone developer job - #learnmobile

Over lunch I was talking with a friend about how difficult it is for young people to find jobs. After mentioning the hiring I see for mobile development, she asked me to write up my recommendations for learning mobile. So I started writing and it became this series of posts that I'll publish this week.

This series is on mobile web apps. Not native iPhone or Android apps. Some call it the HTML5 stack. I think of it as JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. There is a great future writing apps this way and then using PhoneGap.

I sincerely welcome comments on this series, especially people that have been recently hired into a mobile job. You may have a different approach that others would like to hear about.

My qualifications to write this series may be considered minimal. I don't hire mobile developers. A couple of my mobile apps are in production but none are consumer hits. I don't write apps for the iPhone or Android apps stores. However, I've probably written nearly 50 mobile web apps in the last several years. I now prototyped many projects using jQuerymobile. My first JavaScript application was published in 1996.

And besides, a friend asked me to write this up. So hopefully it is useful to them and others.

Intro | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Will Kriski (Potato Strong) said...

That's what I'm doing as well as the server side which web apps usually require (Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc). I've been programming for years and working for large enterprises using webMethods for integration. But I've always found the web to be fascinating. I think there will be huge opportunities for those of us with that experience.