Monday, January 09, 2006

You, not Howard Stern, are the Program Director

Sirius and Howard Stern have done great PR. But cut through it and look at the real future of audio programs. It is not broadcasting but podcasting. We know radio is primarily listened to in the car and occasionally on the clock radio. Radio, whether AM, FM or satellite, will compete with hard drive devices (mp3 players) in the car. You’ll subscribe to the programs you want and they’ll automatically (through WiFi or BlueTooth) be in your car. You’ll be the DJ Program Director. Maybe the hard drive device will be on your cell phone that will play through BlueTooth in your car. Look for most satellite, non-music programs, to be available as podcast within three years. And then look for popular podcast to move to satellite too. The action is in podcasts, not radio.

Howard killed the radio star and satellite radio is fighting for dominance against hard drives. Good luck!

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