Monday, January 23, 2006

10 Years of AJAX? No, 10 Years of HTMLjive.

10 years ago on Monday, Jan 23, 1996, HTMLjive was released. This HTML editor written in JavaScript was incorporated into thousands of web sites and translated into many different languages. Most of the first set of books on JavaScript featured it as an example.
It may not fit today's definition of AJAX, as if there was a definition 10 years ago, but it was an application. JavaScript was release only one month prior and with little documentation. Given those constrains, it has held up very well for being 10 years old. I wonder how it will do has a teenager. It may be time for a makeover soon.
So in honor of the occassion I did some very minor changes to the original. Now that it has grown up a little, HTMLjive also has a new (home) URL. Your siblings RBGjive and GEMjive wish their big brother a Happy Birthday.

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