Saturday, March 12, 2005

Review of 2001

I've always like epinions both in concept and execution. However, I've only written on review - all negative - so far. So to start tipping the scales, I wrote a review of 2001 - the best movie ever.


Best film every made. You should see this film, but only under the right conditions. This is two generations talking.

This film was meant to be watched in a theater where you could take an intermission. It was not cut with the idea that you'd watch it at home on TV. With either some work or the right large screen setting this might now work at home, but see it in a theater if you can.

I never wanted to see 2001 through a TV screen. I only wanted to see it projected on a screen. But I have seen it at least three times on TV. Once was without commercial interruption on TNT on New Year's Eve 2001 (and I was surprised a bigger hype was not in the air at that time). Two other times have been from DVD - which has no special features. These two times have been with my son, who is now a high school senior. During our last viewing, after complaining at several time during the movie about the slow pace at the end he asked, "What is the point?"

I explained that his question is the point. Nearly all other movies telegraph the point. They have a point of view. You can read the ending. Why should a movie be like a novel or other written story? Did you miss the chase scene and the running joke? Can't a movie be like a piece of art? Or a poem instead of a story? What is the point of most modern art?

My son now wants to show it in the theater at school.

Don't expect a movie. Throw out all of your experiences with other movies. Visit an art museum first. Then go to the theater to watch this masterpiece. Be amazed at how undated it is. Watch, don't worry about the written story.

Or in your home, work very hard to not be interrupted and to be patient as you are in a theater. Low lights to reduce distraction. Turn off all of the phones. Turn up the sound, please. Make it as much like a theater as possible. And when you are done watching, I'll hope you'll be convinced to watch it in a theater next time.

Enjoy the masterpiece. This is a special film that deserves your attention.

I don't know exactly how many times I've seen 2001, but I did once borrow the projector and the film after being the projectionist. Oh the images!

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