Thursday, March 10, 2005

Larry, Moe, and Sergey

Steve Gillmor let Larry, Moe and Sergey have it. Think he is talking about replies like this from Google:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the AutoLink feature of the Google Toolbar 3.0 beta. AutoLink is a user-initiated feature of the Google Toolbar. AutoLink links are generated only when a Toolbar user clicks on the AutoLink button on his or her Toolbar. Links aren't automatically generated on a page, and a Toolbar user must click on the generated links in order to go to a linked page. AutoLink does not modify links that already exist on a page. Finally, Toolbar users choose whether they want to enable or disable this feature and when to use it.

We appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback about th AutoLink feature, and we'll keep it in mind as we work to improve our service.

Hope they don't decide my blog is evil because it is Anti-AutoLink.

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