Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ray Bucknell, Ray for the Orange and the Blue

Bucknell vrs. Wisconsin 2005

'Ray Bucknell, 'Ray Bucknell,
'Ray for the Orange and the Blue!
'Ray, 'Ray, 'Ray, 'Ray,
'Ray for the Orange and the Blue!
   - Bucknell Fight Song

Since Bucknell won its first NCAA Basketball Game and since they'll be playing Wisconsin tomorrow, here is some background reading for you.

First, this is a very short piece that appeared in the Bucknell Alumni newsletter by John Feinstein, the well known sports writer. This is about the last game played at Davis Gym where I took boxing in the upper "rafters" and saw the Grateful Dead, et. al. The kicker is who the new Stadium is named after.
The Sweetest Place

Apparently the Bucknell team is not a fluke given not only their conference championship but also this game from earlier in the season. Think you'll enjoy this Feinstein article from the Washington Post. Jan 8, 2005.
Bucknell, for One, Offers No Guarantees

Then, if you missed watching the game, like I did, here is the Sports Illustrated reap. "Expect a slugfest in the second round against Wisconsin, another defensive minded club. But if Bucknell plays like it did Friday night, the slipper may be hard to pull off." I'll watch and see if Wisconsin can pull it off tomorrow at 4:50 Eastern.
One Shining Moment 

One final note for you Duke and North Carolina fans who love tradition. "Bucknell began playing basketball in 1896, joining Yale and Minnesota as the nation's oldest Division I programs." - New York Times.

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