Monday, February 07, 2005

Scripting News Brunch

Had another great talk with Dave Winer at the Scripting News Brunch Scripting News Brunch in VA this morning. A real geek fest of us with day jobs and internet projects the rest of the time.

I was very interested in Dave's work on a new outliner. He offered no timetable so I'll just have to wait a while or go back to some antique outliners.

Towards the end of the brunch, talked turned to news reporters not being able to report on their parent companies. While this was generally a good conversation, and this is not a complaint or a remark about Dave's comments, we must be careful to respect professionals. A trained reporter has skills that the majority of bloggers don't have. The methods of fact checking, allowing comments prior to publishing and more are skills. Questioning a reporter's objectivity is too often a means to tear down the profession. More about this later.

Also some talk about a Maryland (?) blogger con. I'll keep listening for more on that.

Most people had interesting projects and I'll provide posts on each on in the coming days.

Thanks to Dave for hosting. Nice to meet everyone.


admin said...

Ray - great to meet you at brunch yesterday. Let me know if you want a free account to try out. roger -at-

Greg G. said...

Hi Ray, nice meeting you yesterday. The MD BloggerCon has been discussed on the Baltiblog mailing list (thread at