Friday, February 11, 2005

Good Union Stories

Regularly I hear a story about how a person was really helped out by their union. The other day I heard about a soldier who was called up to go to Iraq. His family was looking at a large loss of income for his wife and infant. His employer was going to do the minimum under the law and just hold his job. The union stepped in and made sure that his income did not drop and that he would be able to keep his family's home. The union, not management, came to the support of this soldier.

The recent blog conversations about , stories that the mainstream media misses and journalism got me thinking about this story. Also about moving this forward.

First, following Halley Suitt's recommendation on blog writing, this tells the union message with a story. This is a great pro-family story. An American story. Second, as Dave Winer says, blogs should cover what the mainstream media is missing.  These are what unions and their volunteers do for their members every day and the mainstream media does not cover it. Third, I heard this story, I did not see it reported as PressThink and my friends like to point out is important. I don't know all of the facts or even if this person really exists.

This story should be in Google, Feedster and Blogdigger if it is true. It should be reported with "all" of the facts. This would be the ideal world where the press reported all stories and spin was stopped by trained journalists.

So in this real world of blogs, talk radio and tabloids, how do we get close? We need more union locals blogging stories about their members. Locals are as close to the source as we can get and have a story to tell.

Calling all union bloggers!

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