Saturday, April 17, 2004

BloggerCon2: Vision from Users

Wendy is leading Vision from Users which is talking about features that bloggers want from their tools.
(I'm IRCing as razweekly.)
  • Talking about categories. Popfile.
  • Comments. Problems: people problems - hostile, only nice things (most of the time),
  • Any comment policy? be nice, registration for comments help, Wendy uses "livingroom policy"
  • Tools used: typepad; pmachine; das blog; wordpress; frazzel; tinderbox, radio, movable type, skybuilder,
  • Client tools: everyone has lost long post, need undo post (CTRL-A, CTRL-C works on all tools),
  • What can people not do? RSS both full and exceprt feeds; feedreaders more like pop3; persistance of reading aggregator;
  • Visual clues and different types: format differs by type of post (short, long, etc.)
  • Comment system that is threaded. Bloggers all about conversation, but comment software is too simple. Subscribe to a thread. Subscribe to RSS feed of thread. [Excellent.] Aren't comment getting away from blogging?
  • [Ray: need to post comments, have it also put in my blog and do the trackback] See
  • Want: to draw prictures [Ray: doodle] can do with Tablet PC
  • blogging wo/ words: pictures from phone, example;
  • audio: does not allow skimming
  • as blogs get heavier we'll need lightweight versions as well - Wendy
  • technorati:
  • secondary blog that links to where I have comments
  • blog widgets: outside comments; blog rolling;
  • breadcrumb trail as part of post
  • privacy: [I want private post so I can use blog as knowledgebase]
Also blogged here by Jeff Sandquist.

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