Saturday, April 17, 2004

BloggerCon2: Shirky's Power Law

Philip Greenspun is the discussion leader for Shirky's Power Law.

  • Readership and weblogs: why my poker game is not as well attended as the casino.
    1. Properties of web log. Why did you start your web log..
    2. Literary outlet. 20 or 30 page article don't fit in print, so the web is the only place to publish.
    3. Don't have to convince editor to print idea. (But could do own xerox magazine)
    4. Starting a discussion: comments
    5. Support 3 paragraph idea
    6. Different ideas
    7. Private community
    8. To create a record
    9. People want to be heard
  • How do you breakthrough the powerlog? It is envable. [Ray, I think it is all about positioning. In other words, pure market. In otherwords, you need to be a market leader, so create a new niche.]
  • Is lack of money help breakthrough? No one has funds to use marketing to stay on top.
  • Constantly new stuff makes a difference. Number of links. When I wrote about my cat, lots of attention.
  • Getting rich by being a blog ISP is not real.
  • Bob numbers: 1.1 million blogs per day. Power Law does work in numbers. Looking at top 1000, in lower range there is a lot of movement and spikes, but top rank is rock solid using like from posts to other sites.
  • Is is quanity or quality of you blog? Can you afford to do it as your only job.
  • Lot of leaders are newspapers or columnist.
  • Arguement about links equating to traffic
  • You want more people to read your stuff.
  • How many people have subscribed to my feed is what is important to me
  • 10 times as many unique RSS visitors
  • How much will blog content be considered valuable given the test of time?
  • Barrier of entry to publish is much lower than print publishing
  • Pubsub offered to run different analysis if any one had any ideas.

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