Saturday, April 17, 2004

BloggerCon2: Blogging in Business

Dave Weinberger is doing Blogging in Business. Dave is too good of a speaker to pass up and it relates to my work.
  • Have blogs underperformed in business world? I'm not seeing them spring up at most businesses.
  • Make your own home page did not happen, but web logs adapted more rapid.
  • Maybe they don't work well for business. They are already spending money on PR et. al.
  • Are businesses blogs really blogs?
  • What is the blogging ROI? [Ray: employee leaves but the knowledge on their blog stays behind.]
  • Blog as supply chain and part of open source???
  • Replace newsletter and email discussion with weblog.
  • Business people using blog to distinguish themselves as expert in area.
  • Why blog? Better placement in google.
  • Internal blogs: CEO first?
  • External blogs: still developing policies - what corporations can make that jump.
  • Lawyers don't write blogs: firms are interested in voice of firm
  • constraints: off-hand "comment from three years ago could hurt me"
  • Lawyers: could be used when you have to argue other side of the case
  • Dave: We will all be capable to embarassing each other by Googling each other in the future.
  • [Ray: legal has no case law on blogs so they are reluctant to authorize blogs]
  • Using RSS search engines and then commenting. [sort of reverse blog]
  • Corp that let go of the message? Sun;
  • How do we see the curve going? Three years or more until corp adapt external blogs.
  • External blogs are easier than internal blogs
  • Businesses use every other medium, so don't you expect that they'll use blogs.
  • CEO is interested in narrowcasting, not Prell, but specific community - customers, engineers, etc.
  • If internal blogs are easier, what does that change?
  • Blogs are "off the record" in our company - more communications
  • in large companies: more efficient communication patterns, accelerated project cycles, emergent intelligence
  • Narrowcasting is right. Only voice is the blog for some.
  • Are marketers using bloggers as influencers (Tipping Point)? Dr. Pepper
  • Running a project over a time zone and "divide day back into 24 hours" instead on instant IM
  • Social incentives are better than boards
  • [Ray: web logs in business could become like time clocks. Why haven't you posted in the last hours?]
  • Simple software of blogging is replacing more complicated knowledge management software.
  • Publishing is better than locking up in a repository. So people do it more.
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