Monday, March 27, 2006

Three Years of Blogging

Dave Winer had posted that a bunch of people have four years of blogging under their belt. It made me realize that today I celebrate three years of blogging. While blogging has been great, I think using RSS has been the real kicker for the past three years – even if blogger only produces Atom on this site. It was the answer to “What is XML good for?” and I think the key component that kickstarted the Web. 2.0 engine. I’ve used it in several creative endeavors including Real Simple Presentations. So thanks to Dave.

The popularity of my blog has not changed much in three years. Once in a while another blogger will point to an item. Some close friends like Don, Dick and Murch point to my blog. That is all okay because the purpose of writing the blog was to learn about this new medium/technology and McLuhan’s Laws of Media apply. I think I have it now. What a long strange trip it is.

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