Saturday, March 18, 2006

Check Out the Big Brains on Bucknell

Who would have thunk that a west coast paper, the Los Angeles Times, would have the best story and headline on Bucknell’s NCAA win over Arkansas? Headline made me laugh and the story was well written. J.A. Adande did his research. “Kevin Bettencourt wants to be a history teacher.” Talks about Charles Lee honoring 11–year-old ball boy who was killed. And he acknowledges that Bucknell is a pretty good basketball team too.

At the moment, they can claim more NCAA tournament victories than Texas, Alabama, Louisiana State, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Kansas, Syracuse and Iowa over the last 12 months.

Also a good story in the New York Times by Thayer Evans on Charles Lee living the American College Dream. Bucknell just started awarding basketball scholarships three years ago. Lee and Bettencourt, the two star seniors, are not scholarship players.

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