Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Geography Does Fit the Leadership

When you think of a state governor, you this of a high power political executive. When you think of a head politician in a county you don’t always thing the term executive applies. I think we have this hierarchy of country, state, county mindset that effects our view of county politicians. I don’t know how many counties are larger in population than the smallest state, but I would guess that it is more than a 100. So we have to think differently about these leaders.

Years ago I moved into Fairfax County when Jack Herrity was the chairman of the Board of Supervisors. He was a leader. He got things done like they do in Chicago. This county became the economic engine of the state and a great place to live in part because of his leadership.

So locally people will take note of his death, but because our of mindset about state governors, it won’t get as much notice. It should. He did alot for alot of people. He’s appreciated.

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