Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mainstream Media: Impact of Air America Radio

It is hard to separate the rise of political bloggers and Air America Radio. It is a coevolution. But it was Air America Radio – so called Liberal Radio – that drew the fire of right wing radio commentators like Rush and Sean. Commentators would even go so far as to say that it would never find an audience. We now know that prediction, or hope, was wrong.

So we now have mainstream media. By staking out the niche of Liberal media, Air America Radio, has changed the vocabulary of all opinion media (bloggers and talk radio) on the left and right to talk about mainstream media. The New York Time, Washington Post and TV networks are considered mainstream media and no longer the liberal media.

This reposition of journalistic institution is a very good thing. We don’t need news outlets being slandered by a label. We still need the watch how they behave which is easy to do by Googling “mainstream media” or looking in Blogdigger.

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