Friday, July 08, 2005

The Truth: The Brand Name

What were the brand names that our forefathers used in drafting the Constitution? I pose the question as our nation positions itself for possibly two Supreme Court nominations and the continuation of the War on Terrorism.

I learned in school about our government through Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster because of their ability to debate and speak to issues. This is what is still taught on the yearly civics tests. However, every decade our nation moves away from rational discussion and into the marketing political process. Peace-Keepers, No Child Left Behind, War on Drugs, War on Terror, Liberals, Radical Religious Right, Red, Blue, Weapons of Mass Destruction, et. al. Presidential speeches are best known for brand names like Axis of Evil rather than leadership. The facts are hidden by the mosaic of political brand names spun in microcontent like blogs, political radio shows and televised news.

The truth is now The Truth – another brand name. Slogans, spin, tag lines, focus groups, talking heads, sound bite are now common words that our forefathers would not understand. Most people now understand that our civilization and culture is in now obsolesed by Corporate and Political Marketing. 

Let’s read about Freedom of the Press and All Men Are Created Equal, not just use the words.


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