Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogs Really Are Unique

Contrary to David Coursey opinion, blogs are unique. They may become ubiquitous, but they are unique. And so are RSS feeds or subscriptions.

Blogs are unique for several reasons. First, the reverse chronological order of the postings with archives. This is contrary to most website though it may be like some columnists in newspapers. Second, it is open to anyone. While my blog is all over the place in issues, many serve a very small niche like a town or a technology or an idea. New blogs will rise as years go on. Third, you can subscribe to most blogs and read the content. News outlets generally only let you read a teaser.

Blogs are here to stay and are unique. And they won’t disappear. Magazines changed with the advent of television news, but they did not disappear. Too bad Mr. Coursey doesn’t know communications history better.


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