Wednesday, June 29, 2005

RSS and Attention

Nick Bradbury challenged readers to write about Attention. To boast a little, I’ve written about Attention before and think the article in Wired was one of the best pieces I’ve ever read there. So I’m taking up the challenge.

Steve Gillmor wrote this article in Znet “Waiting for Attention… or something like it”. This is xmling the Wired article meme, the best I can tell after a first read. So I’ll have to do more reading about attention.xml. Looks like there is something there.

My view is that attention is not just a matter of time. A thousand monkeys has something to do with it. Those thousand monkeys have the same amount of time to prduce what looks like quality. Attention is value added time. Thusthe  attention stream is knowledge.

Now this gets tricky. Celebrity is a product of attention. We have only so much attention to give. Apply some network theory and you get celibrity. So is celebrity.xml next? I believe we must study celibrity if we are to understand attention.

Obviously, lots more to read and study.

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