Sunday, June 05, 2005

Nixon Loyalists Tell All

In all the many articles I've read about the importance of Deep Throat recently, David Broder's piece in the Washington Post says it best. In reviewing the comments by Nixon loyalists Chuck Colson and Pat Buchannan, Brodeer points out we "can learn everything [we] need to know about the dangerous delusions of the Nixon era. The mind-set that created enemies lists, the blind loyalty to a deeply flawed individual, the twisting of historical fact to turn villains into heroes and heroes into villains - they are all there".

He also interviewed a much braver and more patriotic man than the Nixon loyalists. Elliot Richardson resigned rather than fire the Watergate special prosecutor. Richardson in reference to Mark Felt said, "But if you see the White House and the head of the FBI interfering with the investigation, what are you going to do?" Because Mark Felt was brave and care about his country, he became a whistle-blower.

"The republic was saved and the public was well served. That Colson and Buchanan still don't get it speaks volumes about them." And tells us what we need to remember about Watergate. Brave men like Felt ,Richardson and many others saved the republic.

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