Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tile Community on Web with Pictures

Online communities have intrigued me since the days of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) in 1978. I'm certain that they thrive because of both a critical mass and the "art of the moderator." The former is interesting science to analysis while the later is beauty to behold.

John Bridge Ceramic Tile is a surprisingly strong community. "Tile and marble veterans from around the country and around the world (U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K.) " On Saturday morning I asked a question about a taping greenboard and cement backer board (CBB) and got a reply within an hour. I had spent the previous hour using Goggle trying to find an answer because no DYI book gave me an answer.

What startled me about this community is pictures. So many topics have pictures of people building showers, bathrooms and other projects. Not professional photographers, but real life pictures. This community is so much stronger because of digital cameras.

People ask why I want a camera in my new phone. Same people use to ask why I would ever want a color monitor. John Bridge Forum is just one reason why I'll get a camera in my phone.

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