Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Countdown on MSNBC is Best News Show

I've been watching Keith Olbermann on my TiVo for nearly six months do Countdown on MSNBC. In my opinion, it is the very best news show on television. He takes the resources of NBC, he get interviews for every one of the five segments and adds his wit to deliver the news. Not just the PR and spin, but the news.

News is so much spin these days. The 'No Spin Zone' was a great hook but that promise went unfulfilled as O'Reilly added his own spin. I'm sure more rightwing viewers think that Countdown is not spin free, but from my view he does a far better job at being objective than even the standard 6:00 o'clock news.

Here is a good example. The standard line even on Air America was that the GOP got a bounce out of their convention. (And the standard line was that the Dems did not.) Countdown did not just look at the first two polls that came out - they looked at 5 or more and then interview an expert on the matter. What bounce? Great stuff.

Don't miss Countdown. TiVo Countdown.

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