Friday, September 10, 2004

C&O Canal Biking Guide

Since moving to DC 30 years ago, I've slowly become more and more fascinated by the C&O Canal. This is a trail that goes along the Potomac River from Washington DC to Cumberland MD. A few years ago I heard that a trail from Cumberland to Pittsburgh was nearing completion. I immediately wanted to do a bike adventure with my son and hopefully my brother and his son. Somethings never worked out for this big trip.

So this fall I am trying my hardest to take a long weekend and do the DC to Cumberland portion. Actually, I plan to leave from my house near the W&OD trail, so the overall trip should be about 200 miles. There is a wonderful site that makes it easy to plan the trip: C&O Canal Biking Guide. (Thanks!)

Problem is finding motel rooms on Columbus Day weekend in Hancock and Harpers Ferry. More later.

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