Saturday, August 14, 2004

Tetrad: Mobile Phones

Kristov Nyiri is director of the Institute of Philosophical Research, part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and was interviewed in TheFeature. This interview references research studies on mobile phone usage. While not using the Tetrad it discusses components of the tetrad for both mobile phones and mobile devices. The interview indirectly points out that mobile devices (phones with messaging, cameras and screens) are now obsolescing mobile phones. He quotes philosopher Robin Dunbar that "gossipping is the essence of language." And mobile phone enhance gossipping and thus language. His  "research [shows] that many mobile calls are to people who are physically close" and that is what is retrieved.

There was also interesting comment about the adaption of mobile devices being delayed because of culture. At school people "are discouraged to think in terms of images." His research showed that carpenters were by far bigger users than soft drink salespeople and real estate agents. His conclusion was that carpenters were use to thinking in terms of drawings and images. My conclusion would be that more research would show if it was based on schooling (i.e., how much ABCEDmindedness training someone had) or if it was linked to the nature of their work (i.e., lots of paperwork) which was more literate.

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