Sunday, August 01, 2004

Dem Convention Bloggers

There are a lot of comments about bloggers at the Dem Convention. So I thought I'd give my comments.

First, thanks to Dave Winer for setting up Excellent site and great to have the OPML list of bloggers so I could import it into my FeedDemon.

A remarkable number of bloggers noted the difference of the experience between the speeches in the Center and the same on TV. (Weinberger in Boston Globe, etc.) Personally, I experienced Clinton speech on, Dean and Obama's on live cable tv coverage, likewise for kids and Max's introduction to Kerry. And Kerry's speech on TiVo. All different experiences. I most enjoyed the intros because I was watching with my kids live as history was being made - one of my media biases.

Third it seems bloggers expected critics to follow their rules. Dave Winer comments that one critic "didn't give us a list of blogs..." Rick Heller complained that his quote was used out of context by a CNET critic without a link back to the original post. Are bloggers surprised that others don't follow blogger best practices?

Fourth blogging is now recognised as a different medium but even some bloggers don't recognise this: The fact that other media covered bloggers extended the recognition of credential granting by the Dems to the entire country and world. The fact that there were events (e.g., parties) just for bloggers sponsored by political organisations. The fact the blogs were well read.

Final observation. Blogs present a different reality or view of the Convention and I enjoyed that view.

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