Thursday, February 12, 2004

"Google spurns RSS for rising blog format"

I hate the fact that Google has decided to support Atom versus RSS as reported in the CNET/ZDNET story. Of course Blogger users have known about this for a while.

Let me explain why I hate it. Not that RSS is better than Atom or vice versa. For most people, it doesn't matter now or for the next year or two. Why it bothers me is that it raises the barrier for developers. It takes much more effort now to write code that supports both. Product development will cost more and the small guy will not be able to compete with the deep pockets of the OS company. And part of the cost is the time to get a product to market.

As I said before, what is the point! I'll continue to develop products, but will take longer which reduces the chance of success. I'll do a Bletter Form-Atom in the future, but it might be too late. Ugg.

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