Friday, February 20, 2004

Feeds Network the Blogsphere

Uniserv Academy Talk (Part 3)

Blogs are good for MicroContent which contains one or more of the following: headline, content and link. This structure also makes up a feed. And by using tools that support feeds, you can save time and improve your blog and thus your work.

  • Feeds network blogs. There are too many blogs to visit every day. By using a feed or RSS reader you can read hundreds of blogs very quickly.
  • New Sources. New York Times, Baltimore Sun, etc. provide news via RSS.
  • Specialized. Like Yahoo stock reports (beta cancelled?), Yahoo news, Feedster searches, etc.
  • Source for blog material. They way "community" gets formed is by bloggers linking to other blogs. And if you find something interesting, blog it. For example, the blogging of a school board meeting.
  • NEA is looking. Nothing to announce, but we are looking at it. See Connect.
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