Sunday, August 03, 2003

Biking in Rock Creek Park

Went biking in Rock Creek Park again today. This is one of the nicest places to ride during the steamy summers in the DC area. Lots of tall trees keep it cool and shady.

I got in 20 miles riding my old road bike. I bought this bike used in 1983 for about $70. A few years ago I road a metric century on it. I mainly only use 5 of the ten gears, so it takes some thinking to keep it fun. I'll have to take it out on a solo ride soon.

The bike shop called and my newer bike is fixed. On Saturday I crossed a road on the WO&D trail, heard a snap and my rear tire was no longer true. Just like that over an 1/8 bump. Had to take off my brake just to move the thing. (A this point I was as mad as a golfer who misses a simple putt.) So new bike went into the shop and I was only my old, trusty road bike.

Past times are pastimes. (McLuhan)

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