Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My JSConf ToDo List

With great anticipation, I will attend JSConf and NodeConf. To get the most out of that time, there are a few items I want to brush up on prior to hitching up the wagon and heading West. I've got a list, some big and some small and in no particular order.

  1. Full Sail Ale. jsbeer prep is first on the list.
  2. Eloquent JavaScript. Finish reading especially the object oriented chapter.
  3. jquery mobile alpha4. Convert some code including j360.
  4. Sencha. Run through the tutorials and screencasts.
  5. learn about SASS
  6. jquery plugin. Write a very simple plugin.
  7. outrigger app site. Create landing page about outrigger app.
  8. outrigger app. Finish demo data. Ready phonegap feature.
  9. get new Android phone and install couchdb. Make iphone into an ipad touch for Civ
  10. learn git well enough to be comfortable with github
  11. put j360 into git and write readme
  12. use build.phonegap for j360 and outrigger
  13. colossal caves into github
  14. hours reading nodejs blogs and reinstalling on my laptop
  15. put code into a js module, maybe my search parser
  16. publish regex attribute for input tutorial for Coding JS Apps http://jsapps.posterous.com/
  17. fix raydaly.com and raydaly.org
  18. publish "New Enterprise Network" talking paper
  19. use ace
  20. publish on Coding JS Apps an article on using couchdb as development environmen
  21. new photo for my blogs, twitter, google, quora and facebook
  22. hitch up the wagon
I'll probably add to the list and update this post. As I reread the speakers applications, I'll probably get inspired to do more. This blog or my Coding JS Apps blog will have the results.

Also I need to review what I wrote after last year's JSConf:  a pesky list of ToDos.

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