Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Whole World Is Watching - Obama Victory Means To Me

"The Whole World Is Watching, The Whole World Is Watching"

Our country has moved forward, has taken a huge step forward.

Forty years ago in Grant Park a generation chanted "The Whole World Is Watching". This was after the assassination of President John Kennedy. After the assassination of Martin Luther King. And the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the likely Democratic candidate. Forty years ago the hope of a new generation was put down in Grant Park under the stick of the Chicago Police and Mayor Daley.

It has taken a generation to move beyond the losses of those assassinations. It took Barack Obama to bring back that hope that millions saw with RFK. It has taken a person from a new generation to move us politically beyond those scars.

This is not an us versus them or any other competition. Not good versus evil. This is beyond a zero sum game that we've seen in past elections. We will be asked to sacrifice, to accept the compromise of politics, and to change our behavior.

Last night the whole world watched Grant Park in Chicago and saw some of the best of America. I'm a proud American today.

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