Thursday, April 05, 2007

Prime Time Media

An advantage of age is a history of media. Each media (or extension of man) has a time, no matter how short, where it is the cutting edge. This is often called the golden age. Creativity is king. Three examples: the late 50's are well recognized as the golden age of television. Look at a Marx Brothers movie for a previous golden age. More recent, "web 2.0" gained credence as a new age for internet. I now believe we are in another new age of video as the leader. McLuhan aside: it is easier to recognized what was the dominate media when it is dethroned. "Does a fish know there is water?" In the past decade or three, video games have replaced music. Google "lemmings" to see how many blog about spending time in their youth playing that video (computer) game. I sit hear listening to the first Traffic album produced in an age when the "album" was in its prime. On the screen is "A Day At the Races" with the Marx Brothers at their prime. RIAA knows that their "prime" as passed. My prediction for the next golden age: Ajax (web browser as operating system) games. We've already seen "old media as content for new media" with Lemming converted to Ajax. The golden age is starting - don't lament, enjoy.

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