Thursday, May 11, 2006

Have you ever been Ajax Experienced?

Opening night was not all that Hollywood, but certainly new SF style. Drinks of caffeine or bottle water. Typical nearly all guy event and everyone seemed to think that was normal. Meet guys from Seattle, Bay Area, Maryland (near home for me) and England.

Dion and Ben had a great stand-up with poking some fun at the name of the conference if the Ajax term had not be coined. They pointed out that creativity comes from constraints. (Look at the ‘blue’ period of several painters.) We have all be quite creative with the not so old constraints of XHR et. al. They see Comet as being a big change and expanding the constraints, but I don’t see that yet. The Comet Experience next year? They’ll probably podcast the stand-up and it would be a good listen to Dion and Ben.

Then the had a panel of about 10 people from the speakers at the show. I couldn’t help think about how un-unconference this was. Too bad. Maybe it was the late out (midnight EST) but did not take anything away except there are more Firefox debugging tools that I should be looking at.

So onto the marthon this morning.

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