Thursday, May 26, 2005

Curry vrs Winer and The Washington Post

Nearly everyday I walk by the Washington Post building. On the ground floor there is an exhibit area which among other things features distribution. Most of us think about the stories on not about distribution. But it takes an entire set of skills to make the Washington Post a success everyday. It is more than just witting stories.

The two guys that got podcasting to the critical mass for success had a falling out. It took both Winer and Curry to move it. This is not unlike many businesses where it takes a salesperson and a technology person. There are too many examples to list. Lot of discussion on the blogs about this falling out including this timeline post with comments.

Here's a viewpoint, actually two. What is a podcast? For some it is the show and for others it is the technology. Would Dawn and Drew Show exists without the the show? without RSS? We think what we work on is important because we commit ourselves to it. Usually it is only part of the process, like distribution of the Washington Post. Depends where you are coming from. You can see this bias in some of the bloggers taking sides.

Podcasting is the technology and the show. Credit both.

(Disclosures: I'm a tech/business guy. I've meet Dave a few times. See my Blogshares in Trade Secrets.)

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