Friday, December 03, 2004

Blogs Beyond the Chasm: Blog Book Tour

This is yet another indication that blogs are mainstream now: a blog book tour. (I know I missed this during the election PR overload.) Book tours are the bread and butter of many talk shows both on radio and television. There is big promotional money and big PR behind these tours. (Same with movies.) Expect to see more and more PR efforts poured into blogs and feeds. Some blog/feed will master this and become the next "Entertainment Tonight."

PS. This is also a nice list of brand related blogs.

Business Blog Book Tour

Al and I have an exciting two weeks of blogging ahead. We are going to be taking part in 800-CEO-READ's Business Blog Book Tour. Over the next two weeks we will be making stops at the following top branding blogs to discuss our new book The Origin of Brands. I hope you will all join us at the various blogs to read our interviews and post your comments.

Tour Stops:

October 11th - 800-CEO-READ

October 12th - John Porcaro

October 13th - David Paull - Dial.Log

October 14th - BusinessPundit

October 15th - CrossRoads Dispatches

October 18th - Learned on Women

October 19th - What's Your Brand Mantra

October 20th - WonderBranding

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