Friday, June 18, 2004

Dave Winer Is Not a Murderer and the Lack of Patience

On Halley's Comments she headlined the problem with blogs at as Blog Murder. I left the following comment (typos corrected), but did not post here until now.

Just listened to Dave's audio file and got an understanding from his side. But change is hard and it looks like without notice it is harder. I'd like to hear from some of the bloggers.

It also looks, without spending a lot of time and trying not to point fingers, that he did his best given it was a free service and his coming move. However, readers of the blogs never got notice and I think that is where the problem is.

Sure there was a solution, but I'll take him at his word.

Since that initial comment I've read a lot of other bloggers and comments. You've probably seen more. Also there now appears to be a reasonable transition plan, but again we'll have to wait and hear from the bloggers. So I now have an observation and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone.

Regular bloggers make several posts every day. This is the best practice of blogging and a proven technique for making a blog popular. This is not to say that all bloggers are slaves to this practice. Additional evidence of the daily nature of blogs is that several bloggers have taken vacations from their blogs. My observation is that the nature of blogs as a media (in the McLuhan sense) puts bloggers into a daily mentality.

Thus the outrage that some bloggers would not be available for a few days. These bloggers that want to continue blogging will be back. Unlike the results of dot.commers who disappeared, the archives of these blogs will be restored. These bloggers could still continue to blog off-line everyday. So the outrage appears to be fueled by the daily need to blog and read blogs.

Can't we as bloggers rise above this daily nature of this media and have a little patience? 

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