Friday, July 11, 2003

Feed Demon will change your life

Feed Demon will change your life. I know this is high praise, so let me temper it a bit. As a Tivo owner about how it changed their television viewing habits. You may not be able to shut them up. Tivo is the best thing since an ATM machine.

So it is with a quality RSS reader. Use Feed Demon of a week instead of your brower and you might no go back. So people will go back, because we are early into the network effect curve for RSS. Feed Demon makes it easy to visit those sites that support RSS. I think you can visit 10 times as many sites with Feed Demon (or any other good RSS reader) as you can with a Internet Explorer.

Before I forget, I'm recommend trying FeedDemon. It is currently in beta, but it appears to be very stable.

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